Emily R. King

Surviving the Dreaded Elevator Pitch/Guest Post

I’m at Thinking Through Our Fingers with a step-by-stop how-to for elevator pitches. Writers, can you wow readers, agents, and editors with your story in 30 seconds or less?



People are asking what’s happening with my first book release. Here’s the scoop:
I do NOT have a release date or a cover yet. I *might* have both by Halloween. However, my editor and I have been working on a custom fleuron for the chapter headings, which has been fun.
Book 1 (The Hundredth Queen) has gone to production, meaning it has a dozen more steps to go through before becoming a real book, but I am through major edits.
I have submitted my dedication and acknowledgements. *sniff, sniff*
Currently, I’m revising my skeletal first draft of Book 2 (untitled) and scouting out authors to blurb THQ.
That’s it! Thanks to my family and friends for your continued interest and patience. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, and it’s not over yet!