Emily R. King


People are asking what’s happening with my first book release. Here’s the scoop:
I do NOT have a release date or a cover yet. I *might* have both by Halloween. However, my editor and I have been working on a custom fleuron for the chapter headings, which has been fun.
Book 1 (The Hundredth Queen) has gone to production, meaning it has a dozen more steps to go through before becoming a real book, but I am through major edits.
I have submitted my dedication and acknowledgements. *sniff, sniff*
Currently, I’m revising my skeletal first draft of Book 2 (untitled) and scouting out authors to blurb THQ.
That’s it! Thanks to my family and friends for your continued interest and patience. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, and it’s not over yet!